2020 Schedule

June 26-28
Panel: Narrative Design For Computer Games

May 30th
The Nebula Awards
Presenter, Award for Game Writing
Panel: Managing Choice in Games and Interactive Fiction
Panel: What is Narrative Design in Games?

2019 Schedule

November 7-10
Project Horseshoe, Comfort, TX

October 10-15
Big Bad Con, Walnut Creek, CA
Running PoC events

September 5-8
XOXO Festival, Portland, OR

March 18-22
Game Developers Conference, San Francisco, CA
Narrative Innovation Showcase Speaker

March 14-16
Train Jam
Diversity Initiative scholarship winner



2018 Schedule

November 1-4
Project Horseshoe, Comfort, TX

September 6-9
XOXO Festival, Portland, OR
Featured Guest
Running Bluebeard’s Bride Friday and Saturday night
7:00 PM – 12:00 AM, tabletop area

August 31 – September 3
PAX West, Seattle, WA
Speaker, Exhibitor
Panel: Designing Worlds: Experiences Creating Tabletop RPGs
Friday 10:00 AM Hydra Theater, will be livestreamed
Panel: Playing to the Virtual Crowd: Streaming Tabletop RPGs
Friday 3:30 PM Cat Theater
Booth: 7317, Demoing Beyond Blue



2017 Schedule

May 3
Women Who Crush, Seattle, WA
Panel: Women Who Crush

January 13-17
Orca Con, Seattle, WA
Special Guest
Panel: Twitch 101 & Streaming Safety
Panel: Stepping into the Limelight

January 5-8
MAGfest, National Harbor, MD
Special Guest
Running the Game Jam Forum
Running Bluebeard’s Bride
Panel: The Morality of World Building
Panel: Global Gaming Culture



2016 Schedule

September 30 – October 2
GaymerX, Santa Clara, CA
Boss of Honor
Panel: How to be a Game Master
Panel: Queer as a Thee Sided Dice

September 2-5
PAX West, Seattle WA
Panel: Knights and Nightmares
Saturday 11:30 AM Chipmunk Theater
Panel: Design an RPG in 3600 Seconds or the Earth Explodes
Saturday 2:00 PM Chicken Theater
Panel: So you think Twitch isn’t for you? Guess Again!
Sunday 1:30 PM Wyvern Theater

June 14-16
E3-Electronic Entertainment Expo, Los Angeles, CA
Representing #Feminism via IndieCade

May 27-30
PaizoCon, Seattle, WA
Panel: Mythology and Games
Panel: How to Diversify Your Game

March 22-25
Pop Culture Association National Conference, Seattle, WA

March 14-18
Game Developers Conference, San Francisco, CA
Amplifying New Voices leadership selectee
I Need Diverse Games Scholar selectee

February 12-15
Hive Global Leadership Conference, San Francisco, CA
Leadership Selectee




2015 Schedule

October 16-18
Big Bad Con, Oakland, CA
Con Sponsored Guest

Aug 28-31
PAX Prime, Seattle, WA
Just hanging out for once!

July 30 – August 2
Gen Con
Industry Insider (Formerly known as Industry Insider Guest of Honor)

April 30
Carnegie Mellon Transformational Experience Summit, Pittsburgh, PA
Lecturing, with Emily Care Boss

February 19 – 22
DREAMATION, Morristown, NJ
Running playtests of Bluebeard’s Bride
Guest of Honor




2014 Schedule

November 23-26
American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA

August 14-17
GenCon, Indianapolis, IN
Hosting for Games on Demand
Panel: Gaming as Other
Friday at 5:00 PM at Crowne Plaza, Pennsylvania Station C
Panel: Why is Inclusivity Such a Scary Word?
Friday at 2:00 PM in Crowne Plaza, Pennsylvania Station C

July 24-27
San Diego, CA
Panel: Everything You Wanted to Know about LARP But Were Too Afraid to Ask

May 22 – 26
Wyrd Con, Los Angeles, CA
Panel: Myth, Legend and Folklore in Modern Media
Reprisal of Gaming as Other

April 18-20
WonderCon, Anaheim, CA
Representing Tinker Steampunk Webseries

April 4-6
Maelstrom, Morristown, NJ
Round Tables:
Race in the Gaming Industry
Gaming As Other: Breakout Session

Creating Non-Western, Non-White Settings
Women in Gaming: On Being a New Game Designer
Gaming and Mythology

February 28 – March 2
Intercon N (Noir), Chelmsford, MA
Reprisal of Gaming as Other
Panel: Character Psychology
Presenting on panel: Wyrd Con Companion Book

February 20 – 23
DREAMATION, Morristown, NJ
Panel: Gaming as Other
Playing games!

January 10-12
Steampunk Symposium, The Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA
Steampunk Murder Mystery




2013 Schedule

November 29 – December 1
LosCon, Los Angeles, CA
Panel: How to Survive Nightmares
Reprisal of How to Date a God Panel

November 23-26
American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD

November 1-3
Comikaze Expo, Los Angeles, CA
Representing Tinker Steampunk Webseries

September 12-15
Wyrd Con, Costa Mesa, CA

August 15-18
GenCon, Indianapolis, IN
Panel on west coast LARP: The United States of LARP

July 18-21
San Diego Comic-Con, San Diego, CA
Non-presenting, attending the LARP panel

Gam3rCon, running in parallel with Comic-Con
Running the Seekers Unlimited cocktail party
NPCing for the LARP Starship Valkyire

July 5-7
RTX, Austin, TX
Panel: Game Theory 101 “Basic Theory & Game Mechanics”
Panel: Game Theory 201 “Advanced Theory” panel


May 24-27
BayCon, Santa Clara, CA
Consulting on Vodoun: How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse panel
Consulting on comparative mythology: How to Date a God panel

May 15-17
7th Annual International Conference on Comparative Mythology, Tübingen, Germany
Presenting: “Mythic Modes in the Modern West: The Evolution of Interactive Theatre in Response to the Need for Myth”

May 2-4
Gaslight Gathering, San Diego, CA
Tinker Steampunk Web Series panel

January 11-13
Steampunk Symposium, The Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA
Morlock Murder Mystery