The Academy

Quick events updated.

Don’t miss me at the Tinker Steampunk booth at Comikaze Expo in L.A. this weekend. I’m excited to be returning this year. It’s a great con.

Arrangements to attend the American Academy of Religion annual meeting came through at the last minute. So I’ll be in Baltimore November 22nd through 27th. If you’re out that way, hit me up!

Also, check out this exclusive published on Sci-Fi Mafia about ADAM 8! It’s the inside scoop straight from the (crack) horse’s mouth, as Sean, my friend and the producer of ADAM 8, tells how Crackhorse Productions is tackling this feature project. Now that I’ve finished up the re-writes it looks like I’ll be moving into a more technical role within the production. I’m super stoked!

ADAM 8 is currently fundraising for a little bit of capital so that it can get pre-production rolling. It’s straight up for art department stuff so that we can develop all of our awesome visual goodies. The t-shirts are pretty cool, so consider snagging one before the chance passes you by.

That’s it! See you kids around.

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