Super Quickie

More news. Looks like I’m going to be sitting in on the panel “The United States of LARP,” moderated by the wonderful Lizzie Stark at GenCon. I’ll be alongside a few other really stellar leaders from the LARP community who I can’t name yet because it hasn’t been officially officialized and whatnot, but I know most of them and they’re awesome. If you’re going to be at GenCon this year and you are even remotely interested in LARP, you are going to want to catch this panel. It will be on Sunday at 11:00 AM. Mark it on your calendar now because GenCon gets crazy!

Also, I will have an IMBD page coming soon! I know, finally, right? Look for the little yellow icon up there in the right hand corner next to the other ones when it goes live.


Eventually I’ll get around to actually talking about things that are interesting instead of just blasting my schedule at you, I promise. So please subscribe by clicking that orange button up at the top right there. Thanks, you’re a champ.

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